Staff & Trainers

Meet Trainers Fitness Institute's staff below. Qualified, knowledgeable, and driven, they are dedicated to facilitating your pathway to better Health and Fitness.

Rick Kahley
Angie Gibbons
Trey Brown
Robin Castro
Jeff Kahley

Our one-on-one approach allows us to design integrated, challenging fitness programs that address your specific goals. Trainers Fitness Institute believes in providing clients with training that is fun, highly energetic and dynamic, but most importantly, effective!


Take the step to enter Trainers Fitness Institute to improve your Health and Fitness goals.


In our state of the art facility, you will experience an educated and experienced staff that is dedicated to the highest level of customer service. Personal attention is given to each client throughout the workout to assure proper form, breathing and speed. Your experience will be unlike anything you’ve ever tried before!